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Healthcare Data Migration Adds Value to Your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare data migration is the process of extracting, translating and loading data from one source (legacy archive) to another source (destination archive). This process plays a critical role in the continuing evolution of healthcare into an analytics driven industry. In today’s healthcare organizations, smart leaders are poised to take maximum advantage of new technology changes.

Successful healthcare data migration ensures that accurate, timely and high-quality medical data become the foundation for the digital healthcare enterprise. Clean digital data will drive continuity of care for patients through access to accurate clinically relevant healthcare information. Choose Secant Healthcare’s proven data-cleansing and superior matching applications when using RIS, CVIS, PACS data migration, EHR/EMR, CPOE or any other data driven information system to deliver today’s best medical care.

Industry-Leading DICOM Data Migration Technology

Secant Healthcare delivers an innovative healthcare data migration experience. Our project managers employ Data Certainty™ and Data Endurance™ applications to fit your company’s DICOM data migration needs. Data Endurance™ offers solutions for PACS data cleansing and intuitive quality assurance (QA) tools with audit capabilities. Data Certainty™ is a fully compliant DICOM and HL7 data migration solution designed to promote continuity of patient care. Secant Healthcare’s Matrix-Oracle appliance saves both time and money with its direct media reads from virtually any source. Our knowledgeable experts and industry-leading DICOM data migration technologies are ready to help you realize faster return on investment (ROI) for healthcare IT investments in CVIS, PACS data migration, RIS, CPOE, and EMR/EHR.

Ensure Maximum Data Integrity with PACS Data Migration

An accelerated DICOM data migration schedule results in reduced straddle costs (i.e. decreases the time required to pay operational costs for both new and legacy information systems). Secant Healthcare’s PACS data migration speed outperforms competitors – both the high volume of studies moved per day and minimal impact on end-user access to data.

Select, clean, and migrate only the highest quality CVIS, RIS, PACS data migration and DICOM data migration. Secant Healthcare provides a specialized pre-migration report detailing your legacy data’s quality. Use this unusual visibility into your data migration improves quality to help you better plan and prioritize your successful DICOM data migration.

Matrix-Oracle delivers a vendor-neutral approach to medical imaging and healthcare information system interrogation, resulting in a customized Data Endurance™ report. For example, Matrix-Oracle™ facilitates automatic DICOM data migration collection from legacy PACS systems – even when the legacy software may not easily provide the PACS data migration through their internal software or when other migration vendors are unwilling or unable to provide a detailed report on the PACS data contained within their DICOM data migration archives. Secant Healthcare’s Matrix-Oracle™ data migration appliance resides on your IT network and interrogates PACS, RIS, EMR/EHR and other applications to build an accurate view of the data contained in these disparate systems. Once the legacy source data is collected, a custom Data Endurance™ report generates to reveal the cleanliness and accuracy of DICOM legacy data. A related report, the Source of Truth, utilizes RIS data to match DICOM data and provide PACS data cleansing during the DICOM data migration process. Being true to Secant’s vendor-neutral approach, the output from the Matrix-Oracle™ can be utilized by the original vendors, other third-parties or another DICOM data migration vendor. Choose Secant Healthcare’s Matrix-Oracle™ to guarantee a level of Data Certainty™ that will transform your PACS data migration experience with accurate and timely data.

Key Benefits of Pre-Data Migration Analysis Appliance:

  • Vendor-neutral approach to gather PACS data from multiple legacy systems
  • Performed offline to avoid impact to current hospital operations
  • Realistic view of the current condition of the PACS data within your systems
  • Detailed report that can be adjusted to meet the needs of any DICOM data migration project
  • Minimal impact to existing customer-resources
  • PACS data migration offers rapid turn-around for timely decision-making

Matrix-Oracle™ Appliance:

  • Direct system interrogation of legacy media for DICOM data migration
  • Robust appliance with hardened OS
  • PACS data migration tool ships, deploys and configures within days
  • Produces a multi-faceted PACS data cleanse report for more informed decision-making
  • Secure configuration for sensitive healthcare data protection

Data Endurance™ provides the first step in accelerating DICOM data migration efforts. This vendor-neutral data migration software solution delivers an objective, detailed report on healthcare data quality before moving a single byte. Using Secant’s pre-migration DICOM data migration analysis, Data Endurance™, the quality of data and probable matching rate will help you objectively determine optimal migration scheduling, prioritization, study date ranges, and other components of a well-planned DICOM data migration. This custom report provides healthcare organizations with pre-migration visibility into their digital imaging and information systems’ data integrity.

Secant Healthcare understands the DICOM data migration continuity challenges faced by healthcare enterprises today. How do you plan a PACS data migration that minimally impacts ongoing medical care delivery? What can your healthcare enterprise do to ensure maximum data integrity between your medical or PACS imaging systems and legacy information systems? Make the best possible planning decisions for your healthcare data migration by engaging with Secant Healthcare’s superior combination of data migration analysis, DICOM data migration process, advanced healthcare data migration software and skilled, professional DICOM data migration service professionals.

Key Benefits of Pre-Data Migration Report:

  • Provide an understanding of overall integrity and cleanliness of legacy data
  • Pinpoint missing information within each analyzed study
  • Gain visibility into your healthcare PACS legacy information system before moving a single byte of data

Pre-Data Migration Offering:

  • Legacy information system assessment (PACS, CVIS, RIS, and more)
  • Analysis and informative reporting on DICOM data migration
  • Recommendations to achieve maximum DICOM data reconciliation
  • Technical and operational risk assessment

Outcome of Pre-Data Migration Services:

  • Effective plan for your DICOM data migration
  • Preparation of legacy DICOM data for migration to new destination
  • Modality, department, or facility prioritization based on legacy data quality
  • Schedule client-resource availability in alignment with DICOM data migration quality analysis

Data Certainty™ delivers full-service, superior healthcare data migration through proven technologies and processes that automatically extract DICOM data, correct inconsistencies at the study level, and digitally migrate DICOM healthcare records into vendor-neutral destination archive. Through a well-designed combination of rapid DICOM data migration appliances and the most innovative and intuitive QA tools, Secant Healthcare’s experienced DICOM data migration experts ensure an accelerated data migration progress while maintaining strong data accuracy on a continued basis throughout the DICOM data migration. Avoid delayed implementations and decrease healthcare data management costs by selecting Secant Healthcare’s DICOM data migration process, as delivered by our CVIS, RIS, and PACS data migration experts.

Key benefits of Data Migration Software:

  • Strong DICOM data migration expertise – Knowledge to overcome limitations of your source of DICOM data migration
  • Proactive issue management – Resolve migration challenges with legacy systems
  • Direct media access for legacy DICOM data – Prevent impact to existing medical digital imaging or information system performance
  • Multi-threaded data migration – Simultaneously send multiple data migration streams to reach maximum input performance on new PACS
  • Intuitive QA tools – For example, resolve QA issues and cleanse PACS data prior to data migration into destination archive

DICOM Data Migration Offering:

  • Custom DICOM Migration and non-DICOM migration
  • Perform direct read of legacy media in both DICOM and non-DICOM formats
  • Solid, well-defined, reliable DICOM data migration
  • Superior project management
  • Multi-vendor and client coordination to resolve DICOM data cleansing issues and sustain maximum throughput
  • Consistent, informative, transparent communication to key stakeholders
  • Subscription style reporting allowing for targeted report generation

PACS Data Migration Software Tool:

  • Robust DICOM data migration software appliance with disaster recovery built-in
    Hardened OS
  • Multi-threaded PACS data migration software application with built-in load balancing
  • Scheduler to fit the unique loads and schedules of your hospital environment
  • User-initiated, responsive, web-based data migration tools to monitor progress
  • Secure configuration for healthcare data migration protection
  • Proactive alert and scheduled healthcare data migration progress notifications