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PACS Software Changes

PACS interfaces with multiple systems within a healthcare network, and software changes impact these interfaces in a major way. When managing PACS software changes, it’s important to find a provider that is fast and driven by one important goal – to ensure the continuity of patient care. Secant delivers.

Storage Vendor Changes

After years of slack, the demand for massive amounts of highly scalable data storage continue to grow in the healthcare industry, and fast. Frequent storage vendor changes make it tough on providers to manage systems and reduce costs. Secant Healthcare helps eliminate the risk of downtime and data loss when it comes to facilitating storage vendor changes.

Legacy Data Archiving

Data increasingly drives the Healthcare industry, making it difficult to implement new IT programs and initiatives while still maintaining legacy systems. The patient data contained in these systems is critical. Through our streamlined legacy data archiving solution and process, Secant can save countless hours and money in retaining or purging legacy (or inactive) data. It’s what we do.

RIS Migrations

RIS data always become polluted, even with the best of administrators. From Orders to Results, Secant will analyze and architect the best solutions to solve your RIS migration issues. Our proprietary software and process allow us migrate the most complex of RIS. We have experience in many of the most popular RIS applications independent of Vendor support.

Secure Off-Site Media Migration

Data technologies and media formats are constantly evolving, which makes keeping an organization’s data secure and up to date a difficult and time-consuming task. Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your organization’s data is safe and fully compliant with industry regulations. Secant Healthcare can extract content from any type of media and migrate it to an appropriate format at our secure, off-site facility, resulting in secured retention and easy access.

Image Sharing

The exchange of medical images and the management of this exchange is an ongoing challenge that nearly everyone in a healthcare organization faces. Whether its providers, patients, administrators, directors, staff or others, all have different priorities as it relates to image sharing. Secant Healthcare has the proven expertise and capabilities to deliver an image sharing solution that is faster, easy to setup, and will ultimately reduce follow-up and related costs.

HL7 Integration

Our HL7 experts will find the best solution. We will troubleshoot your existing integration or help you upgrade to a new platform.

PACS Assessment

We take a vendor-neutral approach to medical imaging and healthcare information system interrogation, resulting in a customized report. Secant facilitates automatic DICOM data collection from legacy PACS systems – even when the legacy software may not easily provide the PACS data migration through their internal software. Other migration vendors are unable to provide a detailed report on the PACS data contained within their DICOM data archives. Secant delivers.

Data Cleansing

Secant Healthcare does not “nickel and dime” Data Cleansing. Unlike other migration companies, Secant will cleanse as many fields as you need. The robust nature of our software will allow as many changes as required. What is the point of enlisting the services of a third party if you have to do the work? Our Project Managers and Migration engineers will work to develop cleansing and migration rules based on our assessments and your input. Leave the work to us.